Crash Repairs

When you’re caught in an accident, whether you’re insured or not, you have the right to choose a repairer that will get you back on the road quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Why not have that repairer be a trusted one, with over 20 years of auto repair experience? Whether it’s your first used car or the latest prestige vehicle, as an RAA approved repairer our team of qualified tradesmen will have your vehicle back in showroom condition in no time.

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Chassis Alignment

A major accident can cause significant structural damage to your vehicle’s chassis, warping the very shape of your car beyond the point of drivability. Our workshop comes equipped with the Globaljig Evolution crash repair stall, allowing our team to work on vehicles of any shape and size with a level of precision and skill unmatchable with lesser equipment to bring your vehicle back into a shape as close to the manufacturer’s standards as possible.

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Spray Painting

In most cases a severe enough collision results means a new paint job for your vehicle. We’re able to cater for all customers with a paint matching service, high-quality paints provided by our paints partner Glasurit, spray painting booth and bake oven. We’ll give your vehicle a smooth, even coat, and let you drive away with your new paint fast.

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It’s not just metal that makes up a car; a vehicle’s interior and some outer pieces of trim require a more delicate touch. Our workshop is equipped to make repairs to plastic and fiberglass panels and trim, with plastic welders and qualified fiberglass workers on-site.

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If you absolutely need a vehicle while your own is being repaired, ask about access to our range of courtesy cars. We’ll happily keep you on the road while your vehicle is off it.

Call ahead and check availability of our courtesy cars before your booking.

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